This shower was installed with a specialty handle and beveled mirror. The photo is actually a picture of the mirror with the reflection of the mirror in the background.


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Why buy a Frameless Shower?

Frameless showers are stronger. 

Looks are deceiving, frameless showers are effectively walls built out of glass. 

Frameless showers are durable.  Toughened glass and heavy-duty hardware can stand  up to abuse. 

Frameless showers last longer and hold up better than showers using metal framing.

Framless Showers are easier to maintain.

Frameless showers require dramatically less cleaning and maintenance because there are fewer parts and virtually no crevices for bacterial growth.

Frameless showers are easy to use, with fixed glass and self-closing hinges.

Each shower is custom made to fit your opening. 

We can configure your shower to provide you with the best space economy.

Factoring in tile conditions, glass is cut to the shape needed to fit in your opening.

Our broad experience means that you will have access to and select from the products best suited to your  needs.

Frameless showers are the apex shower building product, which translates into a huge selling point for your home. 

Frameless shower installation allows the installer to visually inspect and insure that penetrations in the tile are sealed properly. 

Advantages of Frameless Showers

All-glass look enhances aesthetic appeal.  
Thicker tempered safety glass is substantially stronger than glass used in framed shower construction.
Materials used to build frameless units are built to last.
The materials can be configured in any way to make the best use of your space.
All showers are installed with a treatment to reduce water spotting, rain-x for your shower.
Clear silicone provides a water tight barrier between the glass and tile.
Vinyl gaskets are available to provide a seal around the door.
Different kinds of glass are available including clear, frosted, textured, and tinted. 
Different finishes and styles of hardware are available to customize the look of your shower.
All installations are backed by a one year warranty.

What our customers are saying:

“Thank you Perfect Enclosures, you were the easiest company to deal with during my bathroom remodel.  You provided services as described, on time, and the result is stunning.  My friends always comment on my shower before anything else…I am so glad that we made the decision to go frameless!‿br /> Sharron P.

“I am writing this letter to recommend Perfect Enclosures, LLC for your frameless shower.  Their attention to detail made the difference.  At every point Shaun Podenak was communicative, informative, and helpful.  The glass parallels the tile exactly as described, we could not be more pleased.‿br /> Tony D.

“I am a contractor and decided to use Perfect Enclosures exclusively for three reasons: Responsiveness, Shaun is only a phone call away and is quick to respond to email; Quality, they maintain a high standard and consistently put out excellent finished products; Price, they price showers transparently allowing me to pick and choose where to spend and save when configuring a shower.‿br /> Ryan B.

“Thanks Shaun, we love our new shower.  Cleaning is so much easier!  I still can’t believe that it looks so nice, pictures really don’t do justice!‿br /> Kelly D. 

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